Think about the presentations you’ve seen that are truly memorable. Those with a clear message delivered in an engaging way. Presented by someone who’s made the subject interesting, knows why you’re there and understands what you need to know. The kind of person who’s so good at presenting, and so engaging, they seem to have a secret weapon. They do. It’s called storytelling.

A story is like a Trojan Horse –
a trick for sneaking a message into
the fortified citadel of the human mind

What You’ll Learn

The aim of the book is to encourage you to free your inner storyteller. Shake off the shackles of PowerPoint-led presentations, and put the colour back into Podium You. Over 25 years as a presentation coach and keynote speaker John Clare has watched and been involved in many thousands of presentations. This book is the distillation of the key learnings. John will show you how to be a good storyteller and a great presenter. He’ll give you storytelling techniques and real life examples that work. He’ll show you where to go to see examples of great presenters in action. He’ll give you exercises which will encourage you to try out his techniques on your own material.

John Clare on the Storyteller’s Secret

About the Author

John Clare has spent more than 40 years telling stories. First as a journalist on TV and newspapers in the UK, then as an award-winning documentary maker, and for the past 25 years as a communication and presentation coach. He works with companies, senior leaders and academics all over the world, helping them to produce and deliver presentations that inform, engage and inspire. He is the chief executive of LionsDen Communications. His clients range from global corporations to start-ups. He works globally across all sectors but has an international reputation in healthcare and pharmaceuticals. He is the author of a number of other books on communication, presentation skills and the media.